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Some history of talismans

Traditionally, a talisman was worn or carried on the body. It might be a religious symbol, such as a cross or a medal, or a birthstone set in jewelry. You may already have a simple talisman. Do you carry a lucky penny or a worry stone? Do you wear a special shirt or hat when playing your favorite sport? These are just a few examples.

 Other cultures looked to Nature. Native Americans considered animals to be a talisman. The appearance of an animal in your life brought that animal's attributes. The Chinese keep crickets in willow cages for luck.

Shamans or medicine women in some cultures would assemble materials in a pouch to be worn on a cord. These materials were believed to work on an energetic level to heal and protect the person carrying them. They were usually revealed through shamanic soul travel or intuitive knowledge.

My talismans

I have developed three lines of talismans in my work. These are based on the traditional lore of the materials used in each item. Though we may expect a certain result from a talisman based on our interpretation of the lore, the Universe may divine a different outcome for us. Be open to what new opportunities may come into your life when carrying a talisman.


Special Intent Talisman: I have developed talismans with certain intentions. These are based on the traditional lore of the stones I have selected and are designed to be carried in a pocket. I find the fifth pocket on jeans to be ideal for keeping it in your aura and protecting it from damage by coins and keys in your other pockets, but you may prefer hanging it on your bed or sleeping with it under your pillow, too. the more it is in your energy field, the more influence it can have.

Astrology Talisman: These have been created with stones that are beneficial for an astrology sign. I have designed one for each of the twelve signs based on the personality of each sign and the traditional lore of the stones. They offer stones to support the positive traits, bring out the skills kept hidden, and perhaps tame some of the aspects that grate on others.

Personal Talisman: This is an individual piece, either something to carry with you or a piece of jewelry, made just for you. It is a remote reading for which I only begin with your name and where you live. It is done through meditation after setting sacred space in which your Higher Self, guardian angels and other guides are invited to enter and reveal information that is beneficial for you going forward on your life path.


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