Spring 2010 Gallery

             Handmade jewelry to enhance your spirit.

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Many of these necklaces and bracelets have matching earrings available, if you are interested in adding them. Please contact me for more details and larger pictures of any items you are interested in purchasing. (As you can see, I got a new camera part way through my spring season, so the pictures are getting better!)

855 African influence mixed media choker

852 turquoise necklace

852B turquoise bracelet

854 antique Yemen silver phantom quartz

826 marble and garnet necklace


854-5 Thai silver with sandcast glass necklace

853 pink opal and rhodochrosite necklace

850 variscite and bone bracelet


C408 chakra bracelet with Ohm charm

766B unakite and mother of pearl bracelet

807 Botswana agate bracelet


810 mixed African beads, Thai silver

814 apatite and Thai silver bracelet

839-2 sterling silver earrings

839 copper earrings

840 African blue powdered glass bracelet

841 African mixed powdered glass bracelet

844 enameled flower sandcast glass cuff


815 turquoise and carnelian bracelet


812 apatite, aquamarine, peridot bracelet

132-3 wire-wrapped bracelet

10-132-1 mixed stones on sterling

845 rhyolite bracelet


811 amethyst and jade bracelet



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