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It is common for strung jewelry to break, especially if it is worn frequently or under adverse conditions, such as in swimming pools or during showering. Most strung jewelry can be repaired. Some reasons why I may not be able to make the repairs are:

  • Some beads are missing. This is very common when a piece has fallen apart and beads have gone rolling under furniture and into corners. However, this can be overcome if the beads are commonly found styles or the missing beads can be replaced with a similar bead. Many times you will not even be aware of the substitutions.

  • There was an unusual assembly process used in the original that cannot be reworked.

  • It is a seed bead piece that is stitched together. I do not work in this medium, but will provide links when I find someone who will do these. Refer to my links under Tips and Inspirations.

  •  It requires soldering. You might contact your local jeweler to see if they can make the repair.

If you would like to find out if I can repair your jewelry, do not mail it to me.  Please do one of the following as a first step:

  • Best Method: Take a picture of what you have remaining. Spread the beads out a bit so I can see what's there. Send this to me by any of my Contact methods.
  • Send an email to describe what you have, what broke, and any other details you can provide. You will need to be as specific as possible.
  • Call during business hours to discuss the details. Please do not call outside the hours listed on my contact page. I work from home and appreciate your consideration of my time with family. If you cannot call during those hours, please send an email with times it is best to contact you. I will return the call when I can during those times.

Costs will vary depending upon:

  • Time involved in determining the bead sequence. Straight restringing of similar beads may cost as little as $15 plus postage and handling. Many bead styles with no remaining portion still strung to establish pattern, may cost much more.
  • Additional beads needed to replace missing beads. The price will be determined by the kind of beads and availability.
  • Missing or broken clasp. Styles and materials of replacement clasps can vary greatly.
  • Cleaning required.
  • Difficulty of stringing method in original design.

If your jewelry can be repaired, I have established the following procedures:

  1. We will discuss, by phone or email, any options such as replacement beads, clasps, updating of the design, and return shipping. I ship by insured US Postal Service, unless otherwise requested at this time.
  2. I will provide you with the cost to repair the piece.
  3. If you agree to this estimate, you will be given a repair authorization form and number.
  4. Mail the piece to me with the completed authorization form and payment enclosed. DO NOT enclose cash. I will accept personal or cashier checks or money orders. Personal checks must clear before I will return your jewelry. I recommend insuring your package. I assume no responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  5. When your repair is completed and shipped, you will receive an email notification with an estimated date of delivery.

Please review my Workmanship Guarantee.




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