Archangel Raziel Braceletl

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  Item # A111-1

Price: $ 42





Raziel's name means Secret(s) of God and he is the Keeper of Secrets. Quartz and rainbow colors represent Raziel's presence. Raziel works with clairvoyance and through dreams, images and inner sight to help us gain spiritual understanding and apply it in our everyday lives. this archangel can also help with soul traveling in dreams to discover truths and ancient wisdoms that may become part of our subconscious and stay with us when we awaken.


Traditional lore: The vibration of Quartz is linked to all chakras and is a storm element. This stone is used to amplify our intentions, cleanse, enhance memory, and open all the chakras. It can also be programmed with intention. Silver is the energy of the moon, influences all chakras and is an earth element. It helps us to look within; work with intuition; support our female energy. A Pyrite star at the clasp, my signature, is added for grounding.


Bracelet length: 7.5 inches, best fit for 6 to 6.25 inch wrist

Use a tape measure to provide your wrist measurement at check out in the special instructions box.


Material: quartz, sterling silver, pyrite


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