Raguel Angel

             Handmade jewelry to enhance your spirit.

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P109 Raguel - sterling

Four optional displays are available.

P109-1 Raguel

silver finished pewter

Four optional displays are available.

P109-3 Raguel

copper finished pewter

Four optional displays are available.

Display Option
Display Option
Display Option


Raguel is known as the Friend of God and is the Archangel of Justice and Fairness. Aquamarine and pale blue represent Raguel's presence. Raguel works with clairsentience and guides us toward situations, people and places that have clear and loving energy. Ask Raguel for help when you need to distinguish between your feelings and those of others, want to act fairly, or need help maintaining harmony and order in relationships. Raguel can act as mediator to help find creative solutions.


Traditional lore: The vibration of Aquamarine is linked to the throat and heart chakras and is a water element. This stone assists us to move rapidly through transition and change. It is used to remove fear of the unknown or clear clutter of any kind. A black onyx star, my signature, is added for grounding.


Size: 1 inch


Materials: aquamarine, sterling or copper wire, wings as above, freshwater pearl, sterling silver, black onyx


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