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Disclaimer regarding information about properties of stones.


This is a remote reading done during a period of meditation after setting sacred space. You are not physically present for the reading. It is a psychic contact with  your Higher Self and/or your guardian angels and guides to request guidance for you. I am shown visions that reveal choices,  direction, or aspects of the Self to consider. I have also received automatic writing messages for clients. These writings have come from specific Archangels or Ascended Masters.



The letter of explanation you receive with your talisman details the lore and symbolism of any vision, materials, colors, etc. that were included in the reading. It will not be an instruction of how you are to live your life or what will happen to you. Rather, it will be information for contemplation about aspects of the past, hidden talents that may be rising to the surface, the possibility of changes coming or a variety of other guidance. It is for you to see what resonates with you and how you wish to apply it. Reviewing the letter after some time has passed can often reveal a new message, different resonances, additional guidance. Follow-up readings show progress, often by the change in materials, some dropped, some added, some the same but included for a different property.



Your reading is done when I am told it is beneficial. This can sometimes take a few days and has gone beyond a month in some cases. I notify you on the day the reading is completed so you may make some notes for yourself about what was going on that day.


Sometimes the way information is revealed to me reflects what you were doing that day, then the details I am shown give the guidance. For example, I could see someone in a stressful situation, but there are many ways that could be enacted and the details of the scene that are highlighted for me reveal the specific guidance needed for the client. For example, my attention may be guided to parts of the body for one such reading and another may highlight the actions being performed, yet both at first seemed to be about being stressed out over something. The interpretations revealed very divergent paths for each of these clients.



The talisman is complete within a week after the reading, depending on how many requests I've had. If I do not have the materials requested and have to locate them, this may add to your wait, but I will keep you up to date on the progress. This does not happen as often as it used to, since I have accumulated a more varied supply with each reading over the years.


For additional information, please read my brochure, Personal Intention Readings.

You may contact me with any questions.



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To see an example of a talisman explanation letter, click here. This is a short version to demonstrate the kind of information included. Most readings are three or four pages.



Here are more picture examples of talismans from previous readings.


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