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August, 2014

Fall temps yesterday with no rain finally got me energized! I have been posting many of my pieces on Etsy over the summer and it's always interesting to see which are favorited by others.


The energy must have been really good yesterday, or the stars aligned, because I also received a call that I was accepted into the Graue Mill and Museum show this fall. Check out my updated show schedule for the fall.


I have been studying a lot about the energy of my stones and crystals. It has been very revealing and increased my attunement to them. I also learned an incredible new way to clear their energy...wake them up...so your purchase will be at it's max energetically.


This September I am participating in a workshop about BioGeometry which focuses on the energy of shape and how it interacts with our energy and the electromagnetic smog surrounding us. I am very excited about this new direction. I plan to incorporate the concepts into my jewelry to provide even more benefit, plus see new aspects of the work I have already created. Stay tuned for the new designs!


January, 2014

It's snowing again! We just don't seem to be able to get out of the storm track this year. The silver lining in that...I've had more time to look for shows this year while staying indoors. I've added two shows to my usual schedule to try the off-season shows. I've posted some work on Etsy - click to check out my store there as I add additional items. I've re-written my brochures, so check out the new editions.


August, 2013

Freshly home from vacation with the kids and grandkiddies and feeling ready to jump back into design work for this year. The little ones are such a bundle of energy, it reminds me what life is supposed to be like instead of being bogged down in our familiar routines. They have refreshed my ideas for fall and winter designs for this year!


I am still waiting for acceptance notices for the shows I have listed. It seems that the notification dates are later this year, so check back in mid-October for updates. But, even if I'm not there, you can go to support other great artists in the area.


I hope to get a page posted with sneak previews for the new designs, as soon as I get some worked up. Then you can check in often to see what will be at the shows, or drop me an email to request more information, as this will just be a picture gallery with prices at this time.


September, 2012

It has taken quite some time, as you can see...last post was quite awhile ago...but the website is mostly updated, the Archangels are happy that their bracelets and pocket angels are finally online and I have weeded out some of the old material. I'm really happy with the new angels (and surprised I got the drop-down menus coded, too).


This summer has been the craziest ever! I'm not the only one who thinks so, as everyone I've talked to lately has said the same thing. It has been interesting to hear the variety of wonderful happenings in client's life path explorations. That is the best perc from doing my readings...the aha moments that a customer "just had to call to tell" me what happened. It usually begins with "You won't believe this..." but, of course, I do because the Infinite Divine is always at work. Isn't it exciting?


May, 2012

Oh my gosh! Where did the time go this year? I woke up this morning and realized I have my first show of the season in three weeks. Please look at my schedule for information about my shows this year.


I've been playing in my studio...organizing my supplies, ordering many new and fantastic beads and setting out bead groupings for this season's designs. Now I will push forward with actually creating the work. That's the fun part, so you can picture me with a smile on my face for the rest of the month!


March, 2012

Another long stretch between updates and a long learning curve to remember how to do it all. Oh, well, I'm not a computer programmer so I can be forgiven. This past year has seen phenomenal growth in my psychic readings. The guides are coming through loud and clear with more and more detail. It's truly amazing to be doing this. The truly rewarding part is hearing or seeing my clients' reactions to the guidance they receive.


I recently returned from Sedona where I had a wonderful chat with a reader in which we discussed how nerve wracking it is to do this work. Each time makes us wonder if we will be able to do this one...will there be a time when it won't work? Then, too, what we see does not mean anything to us when it is out of context. When the reading is presented to a client, we may or may not get indications about how they see it applying in their life (some people are very private and closed)...though usually there are several points where the "Oh, wow!" reaction just pops out. These times can provide more guidance for the client, as it allows us to help them see how to begin taking the next steps on their life path. Very rewarding all the way around!


I was told by the angels, in no uncertain terms, that all my jewelry must have intentions. That meant going through the pieces that did not have a written intention attached, asking each for its intention, and retagging them. Some just said they wanted to be dismantled or redesigned. In addition, I have completed the pictures for the archangel bracelets for you to check out.


November, 2011

I really got away from writing this year! You would think it was in order to make more jewelry, but that wasn't the case, either! I spent a lot of time clearing space and renewing energies around me. This has been very beneficial for all areas of my design work, even revealing a new product line...archangel bracelets. They are still in my studio awaiting photographing, so I don't have anything to show you right now. They will definitely be at my shows, though, so check out my schedule for this fall.


October, 2010

Wow, I guess I've not been updating things lately! I've been busy expanding my skills in intuitive readings this year. I took a trip to Ireland late in the summer and had a wonderful tour of the Hill of Tara then spent most of the week in the wilds of County Donegal. I could move there tomorrow if my family would move with me. If you have ever experienced going somewhere new and feeling like you just arrived home, you know how I feel about Duhn na nGall (Donegal to we Americans).


So, to display what's new for this year, I've posted two galleries, Spring 2010 and Fall 2010 and listed my shows for the holiday season. As always, if you are interested in one of the featured pieces, please contact me for more details.


October, 2009

Fall has definitely descended upon us and the art shows are lining up for the holiday season. I have posted a new gallery for the Fall 2009 collection. Please contact me if you are interested in any of the pictured items, or visit me at one of the shows.


April, 2009

Looking forward to the arrival of spring at some point this year, I've started some new designs to prepare for it. Check them out in my Spring 2009 collection. I have been accepted to the Graue Mill Fine Arts Festival this June. For more information see Shows.


January, 2009

I have added new pages with my brochures entitled Understanding Intentions which explains how I make general intention pieces, Understanding Chakras which gives a brief overview of chakra information, and (my newest) Personal Intention Readings which is information about how I complete a personal reading and develop the design.


Personal readings for talisman jewelry has become the main focus of my design work, so I have removed most of the jewelry that was offered for sale on this website. I will continue to offer chakra bracelets, general purpose talismans, and bookmarks - both with and without intentions. I will retain galleries of jewelry for intention pieces, special occasions, and other past popular pieces. If you see something that interests you, please feel free to contact me.


September, 2008

This summer has been an exciting path to new experiences. I have expanded my custom intention work to providing custom readings for intention pieces. I was guided to this work by a friend who asked me to do an intention piece for her friend. When I kept her in my mind as I meditated, thoughts of materials came to mind. As I researched these materials, I was guided to an intention which turned out to be very specific for this person. If you are interested in a personal reading, please contact me.


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