Archangel Haniel Bracelet

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  Item # A104-2

Price: $ 72





Haniel's name means Glory of God. Moonstone and a blue-white color represent Haniel's presence. This archangel helps to connect us to the Divine and the influence of the moon's cycles. Haniel works to show our hidden talents and help us find our true passion in life. Call on Haniel for help in appreciating your Self and building a sense of self-worth that acknowledges your own cycles, strengths and shadows.


Traditional lore: The vibration of Moonstone is linked to the brow and crown chakras and is a wind element. This stone brings inner peace, helps with self discovery and emotional balance. Use it for support in overcoming obstacles or for developing your insights. Silver is the energy of the moon, influences all chakras and is an earth element. It helps us to look within; work with intuition; support our female energy. A black onyx star at the clasp, my signature, is added for grounding.


Bracelet length: 7.5 inches, best fit for 6 inch wrist

Use a tape measure to provide your wrist measurement at check out in the special instructions box.


Materials: moonstone, sterling silver, black onyx


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