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             Handmade jewelry to enhance your spirit.

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Although these pieces have all been sold, this gallery is a good place to browse for ideas for custom jewelry. Keep in mind that no piece will be duplicated exactly if it has been sold as one of a kind and some have beads that are no longer available. Use these as a starting point for us to discuss a one of a kind piece for you, then contact me at or go to Custom Designs for more information.

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601 Pods and Stones


589 Jasper and Amber


281 Ethiopian Cross

598 pearl shell earrings


584-3 Sandcast Necklace

571 Coral Chain

572 Sandcast Bracelet

591 Totem Necklace

584 Sandcast Necklace


695 Intention Bracelet


557 Turquoise on Coral


584-1 Sandcast Necklace


523 Amethyst Vine


280 Coral Choker


127 Butterfly Mist


161 Smoky Quartz


276 Thai Spirit Lock


547 Green Turquoise


550 Bali Onyx Earrings


282 Antique African


545 Rose Quartz Braid


158 Pearl and Crystal


532 Sterling Ankle




198 Rose Quartz Double


590 Crazy Lace


505 Triple Pearl Hoops


624 Botswana Agate




831 Brass Mask

169 Rose Quartz Ovals




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