Azrael Angel

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Item # P101-2  Azrael - gold finished pewter

Four optional displays are available.

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Azrael means Whom God Helps. Yellow calcite and creamy yellow represent Azrael's presence. He is most often recognized as the Angel of Death but is also here to help us through the

grieving process after loss of a loved one and can bring us messages from loved ones who have passed on before us. Azrael works with counselors and helpers.


Traditional lore:  The vibrational energy of Calcite is linked to the solar plexus chakra and is a fire element. This stone is used to help overcome depression, lethargy or inactivity. It can aid in releasing what you must to move on with life; breaking old patterns. It also supports creativity. A black onyx star, my signature, is added for grounding.


Size: 1 inch


Materials: calcite, gold-filled wire, gold finished pewter wings, freshwater pearl, sterling silver, black onyx


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