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             Handmade jewelry to enhance your spirit.

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Creative Approach

Social Statement

My Life Path

Needing some social contact outside my empty nest, I looked for a “real job.” The local bead store was hiring and I thought that would suit my needs while also surrounding me with creative people. This decision opened an entirely new direction in my creative life and I began designing jewelry. As I was working, both at the store and in my studio, I noticed certain stones would attract me more that others. Some I just could not resist picking up. My exploration of my new media led me to information about the traditional lore surrounding the use of stones, metals and colors in healing, which led to designing pieces based on the lore.

My personal life at this time was being influenced by energy workers in various fields, such as Reiki and acupuncture, as my life journey continued to unfold. A friend who received one of my intention pieces, asked if I had ever designed an intention for a specific person and their needs and if so, could I do one for her friend. I knew of people who did readings of various types and knew what some of them were remote readings, not requiring the person to be in attendance during the reading. I accepted her request as an indication of a new path for my life. Approaching the reading as a meditation, I asked for information from the friend's Higher Self. What I received was a list of various materials and a symbol. This turned out to be so specific to the friend that I could not miss the point.

I had found my calling to assist others in discovering their own paths for exploring the insights offered by their Higher Self. Through this connection, I have been led to assisting others to heal, shift perceptions, open new directions in life, and manifest change for the highest good. Each reading and new design strengthens my connection with the Divine and reveals the continuing influence of positive change in the universe. Dare to dream a new dream and all things are possible.

My Creative Approach

I chose Hearthstone Creations as a name for my company based on my grounding to home and family. As I evolved in my design work, it would also come to reflect my favorite medium. I work mostly with semi-precious stones and natural materials because they appeal to my long held belief in organics and natural healing. In addition, I use some vintage beads because of my love of old things, history and traditions. You will see ethnic beads in my work because I am attracted to a variety of cultures and their embellishments. I am also gathering more beads made by recycling other materials; they support our need to preserve the earth and her environment as well as melding beautifully into my designs.

For me, beads have a vibrational,  as well as color, texture and historical attraction. Most of the stones used to make beads today were traditionally used for healing. Many of the ethnic beads were used for special cultural events such as weddings or represented the wearer’s special status in some way.

Today, each of my pieces is specially created to provide benefit to the wearer. When I am not doing personal intention readings, I design pieces with an intention to display at art show. An individual drawn to a piece frequently finds the intention fits them perfectly.

Social Statement

I believe in social responsibility and giving back to the universe in gratitude for all the blessings in my life. I like to use beads made from recycled materials, natural materials, or reused objects when I find interesting items. I donate 10% of my profits to Women for Women International to support education and small business micro loans.

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