Hummingbird Chakra Bracelet

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  Item # C411-1

Price: $ 52





Traditional lore: Each stone used in this bracelet is considered to support a different chakra.

Beginning at the bottom left and moving counter-clockwise, garnet is for the first chakra, tiger's

eye for the second, calcite for the third, emerald for the fourth, turquoise for the fifth, lapis lazuli

for the sixth, amethyst for the seventh and moonstone for the etheric chakras. The particular stone

chosen to represent each chakra (from multiple stones beneficial for each chakra) was chosen for its

color which is the color for that specific chakra. Hand wire-wrapped in sterling silver for inner reflection.

The bracelet has been finished with a sterling over pewter charm and sterling silver lobster clasp.


The black onyx star is my logo. It is always a grounding stone to represent our connection to Mother

Earth and the star represents our connection to the Divine.


Length: 7.25 inches (fits 6 to 6.5 inch wrist)


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