Quartz Seven Chakra Bracelet

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  Item # C403

Price: $ 40





Traditional lore: Each stone and/or color used in this bracelet is considered to support a different chakra.

Beginning at the top and moving counter-clockwise, rhodonite is for the first chakra, carnelian

for the second, aventurine for the fourth, amber for the third, opal for the fifth, lapis lazuli for

the sixth, and vintage amethyst glass for the seventh. Quartz crystal chips and gold-filled beads separate

each of these beads. The quartz enhances each of the chakras and the energy of other stones. Gold is

for manifesting and taking action. The bracelet is finished with a gold-filled lobster clasp and a pyrite star.


The star is my logo. It is always a grounding stone to represent our connection to Mother Earth and the star

represents our connection to the Divine.


Length: 7 3/8 inches (fits 6 .25 inch wrist)



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