Rudraksha, jasper and serpentine necklace

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  Item # 902

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Intention: In praise of Mother Earth

The texture of Rudraksha pods provides the background for Mother of Pearl shards and polished leaf shapes in yellow turquoise and jasper. Alternating Buri root and wood beads provide a smooth feel around the neck when nestled inside the collar of a blouse or jacket. This necklace is finished with a copper toggle clasp and my signature star, which represents our connection between Mother Earth and the Divine.

This design began with the selection of Rudraksha seed pods for their visual effect of texture. They remind us of Nature's continual renewal and our opportunities to grow in our knowledge of Self. From seeds come plants with leaves. For these, I selected jasper and serpentine;  jasper for its support of the root chakra and help in grounding our energy with Mother Earth; serpentine for its support of all the chakras and connecting us to Nature. I was guided to the Mother of Pearl shards to bring a pleasing contrast of length and shape. As I researched this lore, I found that Mother of Pearl is used to enhance intuition, provide protection and also to connect to the primordial memory. This supports the work of serpentine to connect to the history of Mother Earth. To complete the design and allow the necklace to lay nicely around the neck, I chose Buri root to anchor these connections and wood to lend them continuing strength.

Length: 17 inches

Materials: Rudraksha seed pods, "yellow turquoise" (a trade name - actually a serpentine), jasper, Mother of Pearl, wood, Buri root, copper, pyrite



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