Om Pendant Necklace

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  Item # 896

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Intention: Strength through grounding to one's physical Being

This design began with the carved bone tubes. These are each individually created, so searching out two that were similar in design and shape was a bit challenging, but successful. When I brought these into my studio, I was immediately drawn to the Nepalese om pendant that offered color contrast and complimented the ethnic feel I was developing for this piece. The bone beads, of course, used material that might otherwise have been discarded. To expand this thought, I wanted to use  other materials that reused or recycled what Mother Earth provided us.  I added beads made by recycling glass into beads through the sandcasting method. I chose two colors - red to compliment the turquoise and brown to continue the neutral background palette. I then sprinkled other metal beads, mostly brass, into the mix. I selected a few fire-oxidized copper beads for their shifting color iridescence to add movement in the finished piece.  I chose leather cord for the assembly because of its vibration attachment to the bone and hand knotted this between beads to allow the eye to be drawn to the form of the whole bead rather than just the outer edges. The necklace is finished with a hook and eye clasp of antiqued brass and my signature star, which represents our connection between Mother Earth and the Divine.

The intention revealed for this piece is based on the materials that represent strength - bone and metal - and the predominate color of brown representing grounding. The om symbol represents absolute reality through Divine manifestation, our physical beings.

Length: 18.75 inches, pendant approximately .75 inches long

Materials: Nepalese brass with turquoise inlay; African brass beads, carved and smoked bone tubes; Ghana recycled-glass beads (sandcast); torch-oxidized copper beads; leather cord; antiqued brass hood and eye clasp; pyrite



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