Handmade jewelry to enhance your spirit.

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Intention: Awareness of the beauty around you leads to serenity of the Spirit

I began my work for this piece with the two carved birds. These acrylic cinnabar beads appear to be geese in flight. They drew me to the red horn center bead which fit exactly into the hanging loop of the brass pendant that lay near at hand just then. I contemplated this combination on my prep table for a couple weeks. This is where I lay out groupings of beads until my guides let me know the combination is complete and can be taken to my work bench to complete.

As I worked on other pieces, I was also guided to beads to add to this piece, which at this point I knew would be a necklace due to the size of the central design at this point. I was shown the spinning whorls next. These are used as a simple method to create yarn from carded wool, which appealed to the knitter in me when I had purchased them. To balance their size and provide a splash of bright color, I was given two large turquoise nuggets. These were followed by two marble ovals to complete the neutral portion of the palette and more red horn to create continuity throughout the design. Antiqued brass tubes transition from the chunky message of the design around the neck to the hammered ring and love knot  of antiqued brass used for a toggle clasp closure. My signature star, which represents our connection between Mother Earth and the Divine, is attached here in pyrite.

The intention revealed for this piece is based on the materials and animal totem symbol. The geese remind us to see the world around us through the eyes of our inner child. Turquoise supports spiritual expansion. The carving of the geese and the spindles incorporates the beauty of creating.

Length: 17.5 inches, pendant approximately 3 inches long

Materials: African brass disc, acrylic cinnabar, red dyed horn, turquoise, carved spinning whorl from Africa, marble, antiqued brass beads and clasp,  pyrite



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